Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dress Up Kitty

Check out this fun collaboration with the oh so talented Tracy & the queen of applique Karen!
View my auction here
View Tracy's necklace here
View Karen's sister set here
Love working with these talented ladies!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Christmas in August?

Okay, so I admit I got some really weird looks from my neighbors as they stared at my kid dressed in long sleeves, tights & Christmas themed clothing in the boiling heat of summer. It's pretty funny the looks & curious stares we get when we do outdoor photo shoots. You custom boutique mammas know exactly what I'm talking about!

Sugar3 is putting on a MASSIVE launch right now. Check out the Holiday Parade here!

Here's my contribution!

"Gingerbread Fun"



I really do plan to start blogging more. Life has just been really busy & we're all adjusting to a new schedule. Jaiden finally got into the EIBI program which he's been waiting over a year to get into. We're super excited about this program & hope Jaiden will really benefit from it.